Germlyser® WA

Inline hollow fibre membrane filter for endoscope washer-disinfectors

Effective membrane filtration for the protection against waterborne bacteria in automatic endoscope reprocessing

  • Safe water hygiene
  • Consistently high flow rate over the entire operating time
  • CE-marked medical device
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient reusable product
The inline hollow fibre membrane filter Germlyser® WA is a CE-marked medical device, which is used in the water supply system of endoscope washer-disinfectors. The 0.2 µm hollow fibre membrane removes all waterborne bacteria. The chemical composition of the water is not altered by the filtration method. Germlyser® WA delivers a constant high flow rate of bacteriafree water over its entire operating time and effectively protects against recontamination from final rinse of endoscopes.
  • Size: L 206 mm x Ø 43 mm
  • Retention: 7 log steps Brev. dim
  • Pore size: 0.2 µm
  • Operating time: 4 weeks with fully-automatic, 8 weeks with semi-automatic
  • Chlorine resistance*: ≤ 10 ppm
  • Pressure resistance of the membrance: up to 8 bar
  • Flow rate: 20 l/min at 5 bar, at 25°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar at 60°C
  • Maximum operating temparature: 60°C (at 70°C ≤ 30 min. over operating time)
  • Connection: Quick-release coupling
* Continuous dosage of ≤ 10 ppm over operating time; short-term (1h) high dosage (400,000 ppm) for chemical disinfection. WA-DATA-GB-06/2016-X001 Operating time of filters is dependant on the available water quality. For further information regarding technical data, instructions for use and our accessory catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Aqua free Germlyser reusable filter system offers customers a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to single-use filters. Aqua free manage the logistics of delivery and return of filters – which is included in the rental rate of the filters – reducing inventory costs and administration. All filters are reprocessed by Aqua free using a validated process and following strict quality standards. Quick-release couplings allow filters to be safely changed in seconds and barcodes, identifying filter and location, ensure simple logging and documentation of the whole change process. Aqua free reusable filters deliver a significant reduction in waste and carbon footprint compared to single-use filters.
When reprocessing endoscopes, there is a risk that the tap water used to remove disinfectant residues might be contaminated with bacteria. For this reason, the final rinse in manual and automatic endoscope reprocessing can lead to recontamination in the already cleaned and disinfected canals of the endoscope. Since 2002, the Robert Koch- Institute (RKI) has recommended the use of filtered water to safely remove disinfectants without the risk of recontamination. The Commission for Hospital Hygiene at RKI has published its recommendations in, “Demands on Hygiene in Reconditioning Flexible Endoscopes”: “For the final rinse, water should be used, which is of the same microbiological quality as drinking water and is free of facultative pathogenic microorganisms. Sterile water filters can be used to provide sufficient volumes of microbiologically pure water.”

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